Human Eyes Only beta

Make your PDFs non-machine readable

Your eyes see:
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Your computer sees:
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  • No warranties implied or granted
  • Discuss this technology with your attorney before using in a legal setting
  • Prevent the dark web from scanning leaked files easily.
  • Secure your documents in legal discovery
  • Makes it harder for people to steal intellectual property
  • Have a good use case? Email: ㆋホυ@ӎㄻӈӭυӽѫұぅѡれハΣ.ҤㅔӸ
More Info
  • Resistant to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), most laypeople will need to print+rescan to OCR
  • Works on the vast majority of PDFs with embedded fonts
  • PDFs using the 14 base fonts do not work yet, but they will soon
  • Only works with the English (Latin) alphabet (for now)
  • HumanEyesOnly Secure Fonts for HTML are in the works